The Basic Black Dress for all BodyShapes

Little Black Dress

As old fashioned as the concept sounds, that little black dress stylish and available in your wardrobe will save the day at some time. Whether it is the cocktail party at your boss or the death of a distant favorite aunt, having it available will prevent that rushed ill chosen hunt the day before.

Lady Peacock (aka pear) Bodyshape

Pick a dress with simple lines everywhere except around the shoulders. At the shoulders and neckline go for dramatic. That can mean details at the top of the sleeve – dramatic sleeve cap, extra design at the top of the sleeve, etc. That can mean a yoke maybe with some trim, funky angles, or ruffles. That can also mean a dramatic neckline – boat with a big tie at one side, double collar, trim around neckline. Pick a dress that draws attention to your neckline and shoulders.

Lady of Movement (aka rectangle) Bodyshape

Pick a dress that has movement and flows around your body. Flowing angel sleeves or full circular sleeves (either full length or elbow length) will look great. Asymmetrical or two level hems will add to the flow, as will gored skirts. Asymmetrical necklines will enhance the movement.

Lady Dive (aka hourglass) Bodyshape

Go for corseted structure. It can be a line or a style with a waist seam but it needs to be fitted to that waist. Accentuate the bust, waist, hips curves. Keep the neckline simple – a v  would be dynamic. Add corseting to the look if possible. Keep the lines clean and structured.

Earth Goddess (aka apple) Bodyshape

A two piece dress would be best for you. A long (dress length) duster jacket over an a line dress would look dynomite. The under dress does not need to adhere as closely to the little black dress concept – add a  little variation on color or enhancement in the dress. (Keep the duster on as part of the ensemble.) Or select a slightly lighter black for the dress under the black duster.

Sassy Gal (aka Inverted Triangle) Bodyshape

You would carry it best in a dress with a waistine. A full skirt helps balance your figure and give you a longer look. Select a neckline that splits your bodice – perfect example would be a wrap front.

Regardless of the reason you need that little black dress, there is no reason why it shouldn’t enhance you and make you look like a million – a subtle million but a million non the less.

More Info

For a better understanding of your body shape visit What is All This About Bodyshapes? on my website IstinaDesign . To determine what your body shape is check out my Find Your Bodyshape. Then over to my Shop that is displayed by bodyshapes!




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