What To Do With Those Salt Encrusted Boots (and Shoes)


Well, winter has set in and it is time for a short DIY. Salt is wonderful in helping prevent falls on the ice and snow of winter but a killer on those expensive boots that look dynamite on you. What to do?

Leaving the salt on the boots can damage them over time so it is a godd idea to clean them at least once during winter and again when the salt is gone in the spring.

Step One – Supplies

Here is a list of what you will need to clean those boots:

-Brush for the boots.

-soft if the leather is not suede

-for suede boots(those soft ones that change color depending on how you brush the leather) go for a suede brush

-Spray bottle


-soft cloth dampened with clean water


-Hair conditioner – ONLY FOR NON-SUEDE BOOTS!

-Leather boot waterproofing spray if you want to minimize future salt problems

Step Two – Brush, Brush, Brush

Brush off the boots well. This will remove any big chunks of dirt and debris as well as a lot of the surface salt. This makes it easier to get to the salt that has soaked into the boots.

Step Three – Vinegar and Water

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in the spray bottle. Shake it up and spray the mixture on the boots where the salt stains are. On suede boots, you may need to use your brush to get all of the stains off. Then using the towel buff the boots to remove the imbedded salts.

Step Four – Wipe Well

Wipe the boots well with a damp cloth of clean water to remove any excess vinegar. Vinegar is necessary to release the salt stains but will also dry out the boots if left on.


You can replenish the moisture lost in your NON-suede boots by lathering on some of your hair conditioner. Lather on and wipe clean. Your boots will love it.

Step Six – Last But Not Least

If you want – spray your newly cleaned boots with some leather waterproofing spray. This will help reduce the amount of salt stains you will gather on your boots in the future.

There you have it in six easy steps! Clean beautiful boots.

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