Sassy Gal Dressing


Your Personality Precedes You

Your personality is so strong it can precede you into a room if you are not careful. Your bust is more than a couple inches larger than your hips and waist. Your shoulders are broad. Your personality and presence is a strong one. To keep from overpowering the people around you, you need to keep your look streamline

You Want That Long Look

Focus on your entire figure and in creating a long look. Your bust and shoulders are already strong; create a stable strong base to create that long well balanced line. Focus on your hips and legs.


With color, you need to do the opposite of most body shapes. Move the bright colors to the bottom and use darker colors on top


You are the body shape that can have glorious fun with your hems and skirts. All types work for you. The asymmetrical and high low hemlines help balance out that personality of yours. The big full circle hem looks great on you at any length. Try hems of all length, from the mini to the floor.

Try the waist cinching skirts that flare out to a full gathered hem. You can carry off the fluted skirt without a moment’s hesitation. On the other side of the spectrum, you will look magnificent in a pencil skirts.

Don’t Lose Yourself

The one look you do want to stay away from is the one that totally loses your figure – the shift dress. Those and floaty diaphanous skirts hide your figure entirely and just create a rectangle from the shoulders down. You want to stick with designs that create a waistline definition of some kind.


Because your presence can be overpowering, you want to keep to necklines that soften your face and neckline. Some of these would be deep v and deep scoop necklines. High round necklines and one that draw the eye up in a narrow focus to the face will only add to possibly overpowering so stay away from them.

Curves Like Lady Diva

Like the Lady Diva, you have curves to show off so pick designs that are fitted and draw attention to the waist. To balance your bust and shoulders, tops and jackets should go past the waist to create some weight. Short cropped tops won’t have the weight. Wrapped tops will show off the curves as will single breasted jackets. Vests have the structured fitted look that is so good on you.

Those curves include your hips so draw some attention to them as well with design accents and pockets.


Now- Let’s go shopping!

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