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The Lady Diva has to work to keeping those ideal curves. As much as the line of a garment can visually move us closer to a desired shape it can also move us further away from it- hiding or distorting the shape. You need to be careful that you do not distract from your shape by pulling the eye away from your assets.

Your hips and bust are within an inch or two of each other and your waist is several inches smaller. Surprisingly, this shape has nothing to do with weight. It is totally proportional. You may have pounds to lose but still have a Lady Diva shape. This makes you look smaller that your scales say. The eye follows that hourglass curves.

To enhance your figure, look at ways to keep the eye on your bust and hips and the curves of your waist. Don’t distract.


In general rules, keep the darker colors on the bottom with the brighter and lighter colors on top.

Support Those Curves!

Hem your pants as long as possible to keep a strong vertical line going to support those curves. Look for ways to draw attention to your waist and enhance your curves. This is best done by keeping your garments fitted.

Play with hemlines. Most will work. You want to maintain a strong vertical line to support those curves of yours so avoid the miniskirt; it adds an additional focal point where you don’t need it. Having said that, if you have legs that can support it and can keep that vertical line strong, have fun and go as short as you like

There are several design elements that will enhance your Lady Diva figure. Side pockets that slant at the hips rather than ones that are straight on your side (or worse, horizontal side flap pockets) will keep that waist to hip curve going rather than interrupt it with additional focal points.

Look for dresses and skirts that mimic that hourglass shape of yours. Dresses that are fitted at the waist and skirts that are A line are good ones. Wide waistbands show off the proportions of your waist to your bust and hips. Layered skirts create beautiful curves. Use single lapels and single breasted jackets to keep and repeat that v that points to your waist. Find jackets that elongate and accentuate the waist. Find ones that nip in at the waist or have a single button there.

Don’t Lose Those Curves!

On the other hand, don’t go overboard. Ruffles at the hips will draw your hips out of proportion. So will ruffles at your neckline and shoulders. Along that same line, get pleats that are stitched down to the hips before they are released. Pleats exploding from your waist hide those waist to hip curves of yours.

Pencil skirts accentuate your curves beautifully. They follow that hourglass line and repeat the curves that make your body shape.


You look good in fabrics that fit to your body such as crisp or soft drapable ones. Ones that have their own body like chunky knits, heavy leather or floaty chiffon make their own shape. You can do without them. However, beautiful lightweight leather that can be fitted to your shape would be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.


Keep your necklines open and in comfortable proportions to your shoulders. Wide v necklines are good as are open round ones. Keep your necklines free of clutter. Take advantage of your curves to flaunt necklines such as the halter and off the shoulder v neckline. You can go strapless and make it look beautiful.

Leave the tighter more neck hugging necklines for others. These are ones such as the princess collar and turtlenecks. They again bring in a new curve to your proportions.

Enjoy the Corseted Look

Because it is so fitted, the corseted look is a good one for your figure. Ribbing under the bust will also create that corseted look. Keep your shirts tapered to your waist. Both these are among the designs that emphasize your hourglass shape. Look for more of them.


Belts are your best friend. Have fun with them. However, avoid big wide belts. The idea is to enhance your waist and the curves to it and wide belts hide those curves and replace them with straight line from bust to hip.

Don’t Hide Your Style

Since you want to maintain and emphasize those curves you don’t want to take on those styles that hide or change those curves. High necked tops and blouses with bows and flounces create their own lines that often conflict with yours and do nothing but alter your shape. So do smocks and other oversized and loose fitting clothes. Big decorations distract away from your curves.

Sleeveless tops pull the eyes that were moving away from the waist towards the bust and shoulders back in and create a distorting line. When possible wear something of a sleeve to keep that line soft. Just about any sleeve will enhance your diva style. Have fun with unique sleeves and experiment with flared or puffed sleeves. Three quarter sleeves draw attention to your waist and are excellent. When you want to minimize your sleeves go to cropped sleeves or short sleeves. The only sleeve to steer clear of would be batwing sleeves. Again, they wipe out the pleasing waist to bust curves.

Keep the Vertical Going

You want to maintain a strong vertical line and you don’t want other curves distracting from the main ones. That strong line is best maintained with wide or straight legged pants. Leather, satin and tight fitting pants (or jeans) will create other distracting curves.


Now- Let’s go shopping!

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