**Find Your Body Shape**

Knowing your body shape empowers you to  buy clothes that will empower you and leave you looking good and feeling confident. The Body Shape Calculator below will determine your body shape from the measurements you enter. Once you have identified your body shape, you can shop for garments made specifically for your shape and bloom.

Body shape knowledge opens up many opportunities for your wardrobe. It helps you pick the right accessories. With this knowledge you can alter the garments in your wardrobe to create the best image for the work. With this knowledge you can have that ultimate outfit custom made and be all that you want it to be.

Enter your measurements below (in inches) for your bust, waist and hips and the Istina Design Shape Calculator will determine which one of the five body shapes you are.

Please create a User Account if you would like to save your body shape information and measurements. That will allow us to further refine the garments you order to reflect your unique fit.

Please take your measurements carefully, preferably without wearing clothes or over skin-fitting clothing. Is this is not possible, pull the measuring tape slightly tighter to allow for the thickness of your clothing fabric. Jeans act like a girdle and can totally modify your shape so avoid taking your measurements wearing jeans.

The bust measurement is over the widest part of your bust. The waist is at the smallest point between your hips and bust. The hip measurement should be at the widest part of your hips regardless of its distance from your waist.

Istina Design Shape Calculator

Want a greater understanding of body shapes? Download Know Your Body Shape: Look Good, Feel Confident from our online store for free.


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