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Be That Peacock

You are the body shape that can get away with all that beautiful chunky jewelry and huge statement earrings. Ruffles and scarves galore around your neck enhance your beauty and you alone can carry it off. Be a peacock and show that plumage around your face!


To create a beautiful foundation for your displays of ornamentation, keep the lighter colors on top with the darker ones on the bottom. This draws the eye upwards to all the details you can place around your neck and shoulders. The more you place there, the better you look.

Have fun with the contemporary color blocking with strong blocks of color in your top or chunky sweater knit.

Big Statement Pieces

You are probably the best body shape to wear those bulky knits and chunky leather jackets. Have fun with all the metallic accents on that biker jacket. It looks good on you. All those big statement tops that most body shapes need to stay away from are in your wardrobe. Have fun.


Play with cowl necklines and big full turtlenecks. Have fun with drapey necklines that have ripples of fabric from shoulder to shoulder. Necklines that button high and wide on your shoulders are a look that no other body shape but you can carry off.

Have fun going as Western as you want. Those yokes of a contrasting color look magnificent on you along with all the fringe on the jacket and sleeves you could possibly want.

The necklines that you don’t want to play with are strapless and those tiny spaghetti straps. They will make you look empty and withdrawn. Why lose all that decorative real estate? Plunge that neckline in the back all you want. Create sexy keyholes in strategic places but adore those shoulders and neckline. That is what your body shape was created for.

The Rest of It

With all that action going on around your neck and shoulders you don’t want to create chaos and confusion. Keep the lower part of your ensemble quiet and simple. Create a good base to hold all that plumage on top. To do that keep the skirt hemlines simple and stick to knee length. Keep your skirts a lined or flared. Full skirts work fine as long as you keep them quiet and simple. Keep them fitting smoothly at your waist and hips and softly flaring below. The 1950’s gathered skirt will fight with your plumage at your shoulders.

With all that action going up top stay away from ruffles at the hips as well or anything fussy there. That includes big statement pockets at the hips.

You want to create a quiet sleek base for all your magnificence. Best way to do that in pants are wide legged or tailored pants with flat fronts and little adornment. Loose flowing pants look good as will jersey ones.

Transition between top and bottom with skinny belts

Cropped trousers, jodhpurs, and skinny jeans all draw attention away from your shoulders and fight for attention. They create confusion so avoid them.


Now-Let’s go shopping!

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