Well Fitting Outfit – Well Fitting Bra


A well fitting bra is essential to a beautiful wardrobe. If the bra sags, your outfit sags. If  it doesn’t fit and is uncomfortable then you are fidgeting and your top looks like it doesn’t fit right. A well fitting bra will let you stand proud and comfortable with no bumps and bulges showing through.

The Mechanics are for Elsewhere

I am not going to go through the mechanics of how to measure for a bra here. You can find that on any lingerie site or in any store. Just some thoughts on things to keep in mind when bra hunting – gathered from years of personal experience as a double G cup.

The Lost Retail Market!

Unfortunately the retail market has not caught up to the fact that a great majority of us are very well endowed and try to simply grade up with what is currently on the market. That results in painful bras for all of us!

Tip 1

It not a sales pitch to get us to spend more on a bra by saying be sure the cup contains the entire breast smoothly, it is essential! It may be ‘sexy’ having that cleavage spilling out of the top of the bra but only if you plan on wearing nothing but the bra. Under a blouse you end up with 4 breasts and funny bulges and bumps. In addition to that, the overflow puts additional stress on other areas of the bra and wearing it becomes a game of rearranging and adjusting to move the pain points around. No fun.

Tip 2

If the underwires dig into your sides then you have the wrong bra and probably the wrong cup size. Ignore the clerk and try on a larger cup size (and smaller band) or another style altogether.

Tip 3

The band around your ribcage is not the element that is totally responsible for keeping your bra on. It is only one element. If it is tight then there is something else wrong with the fit of the bra. It job is to keep the cups  located in the right place on the body and to hold it closed but you should be able to slip a finger easily under the strap.

Tip 4

For those of us well endowed women perhaps the greatest struggle is finding straps that don’t want to fall down all the time. We cinch them up tight until they dig into our shoulders to keep them up but they still eventually fall down. We get bra straps to hook the straps together in back and turn it into a t- back but the bra still doesn’t fit right. Persevere! Eventually you will find one where the straps are close enough together to stay up.

And The Biggest Tip of All………

Biggest tip of all – never accept the edits of any sales clerk on how a bra should fit and how theirs is the best and buy based on their ‘wisdom’. I did that for too many years. Buy if it feels divine and like a second skin. If not, keep on hunting. It may take dozens of brands and styles to find the one that works best for you. Then, 5 years later, that one is wrong and you are off again in the hunt.

The hunt will be rewarded when you look in the mirror and that simple top flows smoothly and beautifully over your bust and everything looks ‘perky’ and where it belongs. A well fitting bra can make all the difference in an outfit so persevere!

Fit is important in so many ways to a beautiful wardrobe. For more on the top and to discover the joys of a well fitting wardrobe visit my site www.IstinaDesign.com and my Shop of clothes completed after the order is received and to the measurements sent to us in your profile.



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