5 BodyShapes – 5 Jacket Styles


As promised, my suggestions for jacket styles for the 5 Bodyshapes. Are you somewhere between two bodyshapes? Take ideas from both bodyshapes – they will both work for you.

For The Earth Goddess (aka apple body shape)

Buy a jacket that is intended to be worn open. Buying one in quiet classical colors gives you the opportunity to add some bright pizzaz to the blouse beneath and creates that long beautiful line to your face. It can be a variety of lengths – from just skimming the hips to duster (or dress) length. Those lengths will look better than cropped at the waist jackets. Steer clear of huge billowy jackets that attempt to hide you. You will look slenderer with a more tailored look that doesn’t hide you.

For the Sassy Gal (aka inverted triangle body shape)

Asymmetrical lines work great in a jacket for you. Asymmetrical collars and buttons ironically make your torso longer. Snuggly fitted double breasted fronts will streamline your look. Keep the length hip length or longer. Asymmetrical hems look magnificent on you. You are one of the two body shapes that could carry off a peplum (full short skirt added at the waist of a jacket) in a jacket.

For the Lady of Movement (aka rectangle body shape)

Follow your mantra – soft and flowing! Flared sleeves keep the line moving. Angular necklines will too. Single button closures create even more movement as do asymmetrical hems. Any length of hem will look good. Find ways to add drama and excitement in the body of your jacket. You can go to the billowy flowing jackets and kimonos if that is your thing.

For the Lady Dive (aka hourglass body shape)

Corsetted. Corsetted. Corsetted. Keep your jackets fitted and structured. You look best in the classical jacket that is hip length and fitted to your figure with one or two single front buttons and the classic single lapels. A jacket with boning or design elements to create a very fitted look works as well. You are the other body shape (beside the Sassy Gal) that can handle a peplum in your jacket. It will enhance your bust, waist, hip curves

For the Lady Peacock (aka pear body shape)

While you look best in a jacket that is trim in the torso, emblish it to the hilt at your shoulders and neck. Full collars draping to the shoulders and big double collars look great. Asymmetrically closed cowl like collars will look magnificent on you. You can sport yokes that break up the jacket with a different color, trim or even fringe. Fringed or embellished sleeves can add pizzaz to your look.

More Info

For a better understanding of your body shape visit What is All This About Bodyshapes? on my website IstinaDesign . To determine what your body shape is check out my Find Your Bodyshape. Then over to my Shop that is displayed by bodyshapes!


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What About My Lower Half? (Slacks and Trousers for my Body Shape)

Studded Dress Slacks

We focus so much attention on the tops and jackets and dresses that look the best on our body shapes. Often the slacks we buy to go with that fantastic top is an afterthought and may hinder the look we are striving to create. If we do take the time to look for the best for our shape, there is so little information on what will look the best on each body shape.

No more….. Tips and Guides for those shapes

Sassy Gal (aka inverted triangle body shape)

You look best in slacks that create a beautiful long line to your torso. Unlike most of the other bodyshapes, you look great in slim low waisted pants. Skinny jeans and cigarette pants take those long legs of yours a long way. On the other side, cargo pants with all the pockets also look great on you. For the dressier look, stay with the slender leg lines.

Lady Peacock (aka pear body shape)

Don’t distract from all the fun lines and embellishments you are creating at your shoulders. Stay with straight simple lines in your slacks.  Keep the shape straight or flared or loose and flowing. Keep the front flat and the pockets subtle (angled at your hips so they merge into the line of your slacks).

Lady Diva (aka hourglass body shape)

You can continue that structured corseted look in your slacks by adding wide corseted waistbands. For the legs of your pants keep the classical line going to keep the bust, waist, hip curves going. Flared or straight legged slacks are the best. You can also sport the wide legged pants as well. Most important is to keep the pants fitted to your shape. You are one of the body shapes that can sport cuffs on your slacks.’

Earth Goddess (aka apple body shape)

Keep your slacks tailored and felt fronted. Those pockets are best if they are angled at the hips and lay smoothly against the slacks. Go for the wide legged look to keep the same line going through your entire length. Keep things sleek and smooth and avoid bulky pockets and trim on the slacks.

Lady of Movement (aka rectangle body shape)

Everything but the classical work great in your slacks. Floppy pants and cropped pants or capris are just two of the styles you wear beautifully. You, unlike the other body shapes, can carry off super wide legged pants. Bulky pockets and other trim work well since they create movement in your line. As always create as much movement as possible.

More Info

For a better understanding of your body shape visit What is All This About Bodyshapes? on my website IstinaDesign . To determine what your body shape is check out my Find Your Bodyshape. Then over to my Shop that is displayed by bodyshapes!


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The Hourglass Figure is the new Lady Diva

Not an Hourglass but a Lady Diva 2


It’s A New Year

Let’s resolve this new year to change how we look at our bodies. Lets replace the negative can’ts with empowering cans!

In this mission to revise how we look at ourselves, let’s checkout body shapes and get some new empowering cans rather than the old can’ts.

Not an Hourglass but a Lady Diva

In this blog I will look at the body shape that has long been considered the ideal one – the hourglass. There are more hourglasses amongst you than you may realize. Let’s leave the current thoughts and associations with it behind and change the name to  Lady Diva. Our personalities help make our body shapes and vise versa our shape affects how we present ourselves to the world. Let’s face it, we love to flaunt those curves!

They’re Not Perfect!

We normally associate Lady Divas with models and those “perfect figures” we all envy. But it is not true. You may have the shoulders of a linebacker or be several pounds overweight BUT if your hips and bust are within 2 inches of each other and your waist (no matter how large) is 7″ or more smaller than your bust then you are an hourglass. Need help knowing how to measure? Check out Find Your BodyShape.

Keep Those Curves

The problem is how to keep those curves visually. It is SO easy for a Diva to lose her shape in a beautiful but not Diva inspired ensemble. The lines of the garment you wear can either enhance or distract from your shape. Look for ways to keep eyes on your bust and hips and the curves of your waist. It doesn’t matter the size of your waist but rather the relationship between your waist and hips and bust.

There are several design elements that will enhance your Lady Diva figure. Side pockets that slant at the hips rather than ones that are straight on your side will keep that waist to hip curve going. Look for dresses and skirts that mimic that hourglass shape of yours. Dresses fitted at the waist and skirts that are A line are good. Waistbands show off  your waist and accentuate your bust and hips. Use single lapels and single breasted jackets to keep and repeat that v that points to your waist. Find ones that nip in at the waist or have a single button there.

Keep it Fitted

Enjoy the corseted look. Despite any weight concerns you may have, you want to accentuate your curves. Visually you will lose several pounds! Look for ways to draw attention to your waist and enhance your curves. Keep your garments fitted.

Don’t Lose Those Curves

Don’t lose those curves by wearing styles that hide or change them. It is a delicate balance to maintain and where many Diva lose their shape. High necked tops and blouses with bows and flounces create their own lines that often conflict with yours and do nothing but alter your shape. So do smocks and other oversized and loose fitting clothes. Big decorations as well.

Sleeveless tops pull the eyes that were moving away from the waist towards the bust and shoulders back in and create a distorting line. When possible wear something of a sleeve to keep that line soft. Just about any sleeve will enhance your diva style.


Keep your necklines open and comfortable. Wide v necklines are good as are open round ones. Keep your necklines free of clutter. Take advantage of your curves to flaunt necklines such as the halter and off the shoulder v neckline. You can go strapless and make it look beautiful.

Want More?

For more Lady Diva information check out my page on Lady Diva Dressing.  Then slide right over to the Shop to get those Diva styles – it’s already sorted out for you!

Contact Me!

Need more info on just what your shape is and what looks best then contact me  at IstinaDesign.



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