The Apple Figure is the new Earth Goddess!

Not an Apple but a Earth Goddess

Let’s continue to change how we look at our bodies. Let’s continue to replace the negative can’ts with empowering cans. Let’s look at the old apple body shape and get some new positives to replace the old negatives

Not an Apple but an Earth Goddess

You are the third largest group in the US! You’ve checked your body shape and you are an Apple. Your waist outmeasures both your bust and hips. Maybe not by much. Maybe by a lot. Either way you are an Earth Goddess. Now what? What it it you need to avoid? What do you need to compensate for? NOTHING!!

You Look at the World Differently Than Most!

You care for everyone around you. You could mother the earth. In doing that, you lose yourself. So your body does just that. Hides you from the world. You hide behind billows of flowing kimono style jackets. You hide behind oversized shapeless tops.

Most Earth Goddesses are more comfortable taking care of the world and the people around them then they are on taking care of themselves. Partly it is your personality but partly it is because there is so little information out there for you and so few clothes structured to fit your particular body style.

Your Shape is Just as Unique

Your shape is just as unique as any other and should be designed for just as much as any other body style. Unfortunately many retailers don’t Most have ignored you and assume you will settle for whatever they provide.

What to do…….


Get rid of those billowy jackets with yards and yards of material. They do NOT hide you. Remember the test where you were shown two boxes – one white and one black and asked which is the largest when, in fact, they were the same size? Same thing here. Billowy fabric is like the white box. Well fitted clothes are like the black one.


Follow one cardinal rule in ALL your ensembles – the Rule of Thirds. Vertically divide your ensemble into 3 sections (not 4 or 5 or 6! just 3) with the same color or pattern on the outer 2 sections and a brighter, more vibrant, color or pattern on the inner section. Wear garments that open in the front showing a bight center third. This will create a slender line of color that will bring the viewers eyes to your face.

On Top

This Rule of Thirds can be done by wearing an open jacket. Wear long jackets that go well past your waist – a duster or kimono extending to the knees – and let it hang open. While you are best with quiet colors on the outside, that center third can be a riot of color. The eye will follow that burst of color up and down, slenderizing your figure.

Keep the top of your arms covered so they don’t create a 5 vertical sections. That will just confuse things and widen the image you present. Just something covering the top of your arms is all you need.

Bring tops down past your waist to your hips. Don’t go much below your knees with those jackets and kimonos or you get into the billow hide-me effect.

On the Bottom

You want to continue creating long lines with your slacks so stay away from the plazzo pants you used to hide in. Stick to the firmer, more tailored fabrics. At the same time the skinny jeans or cigarette pants will be out of proportions with your tops.

Gain all the length you can by wearing them as long as you are comfortable with and giving them sizable cuffs. You are working to create a long visual line so full length slacks are better for you than crop or capri ones.

Keep your skirts long and slimming as well. Flat fronted Aline skirts are perfect. Keep the length of all your skirts (except evening wear) to knee or mid calf.

Want More?

For more Earth Goddess information check out my page on Earth Goddess Dressing. Then slide right over to the Shop for a guide to shopping for your shape. It comes in a beautiful leatherette pouch that you can slip into your purse to take with you shopping or to check out Earth Goddess specific styles – it’s already sorted out for you!

Contact Me!

Need more info on just what your shape is and what looks best then contact me at IstinaDesign.


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5 BodyShapes – 5 Jacket Styles


As promised, my suggestions for jacket styles for the 5 Bodyshapes. Are you somewhere between two bodyshapes? Take ideas from both bodyshapes – they will both work for you.

For The Earth Goddess (aka apple body shape)

Buy a jacket that is intended to be worn open. Buying one in quiet classical colors gives you the opportunity to add some bright pizzaz to the blouse beneath and creates that long beautiful line to your face. It can be a variety of lengths – from just skimming the hips to duster (or dress) length. Those lengths will look better than cropped at the waist jackets. Steer clear of huge billowy jackets that attempt to hide you. You will look slenderer with a more tailored look that doesn’t hide you.

For the Sassy Gal (aka inverted triangle body shape)

Asymmetrical lines work great in a jacket for you. Asymmetrical collars and buttons ironically make your torso longer. Snuggly fitted double breasted fronts will streamline your look. Keep the length hip length or longer. Asymmetrical hems look magnificent on you. You are one of the two body shapes that could carry off a peplum (full short skirt added at the waist of a jacket) in a jacket.

For the Lady of Movement (aka rectangle body shape)

Follow your mantra – soft and flowing! Flared sleeves keep the line moving. Angular necklines will too. Single button closures create even more movement as do asymmetrical hems. Any length of hem will look good. Find ways to add drama and excitement in the body of your jacket. You can go to the billowy flowing jackets and kimonos if that is your thing.

For the Lady Dive (aka hourglass body shape)

Corsetted. Corsetted. Corsetted. Keep your jackets fitted and structured. You look best in the classical jacket that is hip length and fitted to your figure with one or two single front buttons and the classic single lapels. A jacket with boning or design elements to create a very fitted look works as well. You are the other body shape (beside the Sassy Gal) that can handle a peplum in your jacket. It will enhance your bust, waist, hip curves

For the Lady Peacock (aka pear body shape)

While you look best in a jacket that is trim in the torso, emblish it to the hilt at your shoulders and neck. Full collars draping to the shoulders and big double collars look great. Asymmetrically closed cowl like collars will look magnificent on you. You can sport yokes that break up the jacket with a different color, trim or even fringe. Fringed or embellished sleeves can add pizzaz to your look.

More Info

For a better understanding of your body shape visit What is All This About Bodyshapes? on my website IstinaDesign . To determine what your body shape is check out my Find Your Bodyshape. Then over to my Shop that is displayed by bodyshapes!


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What About My Lower Half? (Slacks and Trousers for my Body Shape)

Studded Dress Slacks

We focus so much attention on the tops and jackets and dresses that look the best on our body shapes. Often the slacks we buy to go with that fantastic top is an afterthought and may hinder the look we are striving to create. If we do take the time to look for the best for our shape, there is so little information on what will look the best on each body shape.

No more….. Tips and Guides for those shapes

Sassy Gal (aka inverted triangle body shape)

You look best in slacks that create a beautiful long line to your torso. Unlike most of the other bodyshapes, you look great in slim low waisted pants. Skinny jeans and cigarette pants take those long legs of yours a long way. On the other side, cargo pants with all the pockets also look great on you. For the dressier look, stay with the slender leg lines.

Lady Peacock (aka pear body shape)

Don’t distract from all the fun lines and embellishments you are creating at your shoulders. Stay with straight simple lines in your slacks.  Keep the shape straight or flared or loose and flowing. Keep the front flat and the pockets subtle (angled at your hips so they merge into the line of your slacks).

Lady Diva (aka hourglass body shape)

You can continue that structured corseted look in your slacks by adding wide corseted waistbands. For the legs of your pants keep the classical line going to keep the bust, waist, hip curves going. Flared or straight legged slacks are the best. You can also sport the wide legged pants as well. Most important is to keep the pants fitted to your shape. You are one of the body shapes that can sport cuffs on your slacks.’

Earth Goddess (aka apple body shape)

Keep your slacks tailored and felt fronted. Those pockets are best if they are angled at the hips and lay smoothly against the slacks. Go for the wide legged look to keep the same line going through your entire length. Keep things sleek and smooth and avoid bulky pockets and trim on the slacks.

Lady of Movement (aka rectangle body shape)

Everything but the classical work great in your slacks. Floppy pants and cropped pants or capris are just two of the styles you wear beautifully. You, unlike the other body shapes, can carry off super wide legged pants. Bulky pockets and other trim work well since they create movement in your line. As always create as much movement as possible.

More Info

For a better understanding of your body shape visit What is All This About Bodyshapes? on my website IstinaDesign . To determine what your body shape is check out my Find Your Bodyshape. Then over to my Shop that is displayed by bodyshapes!


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The Importance of Words (and BodyShapes)


One frequent question I get when explaining body shapes with my unique terms is Why? Why all the bother to change the terms referring to the various body shapes? The ones we use are descriptive and accurate.


Some years back I studied (among many fascinating topics) the effects of words and images on our attitudes and mindsets. The current terms we use to describe body shapes: hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle, pear, and apple create images that are, at the very least, not empowering. While we can state that words are just words, they have a definite (if subtle) effect on the person who “owns” the term. We hold ourselves up to the implications in our minds of the term.

Let’s Look At It Differently

The way we move around, hold us, and position our bodies over the course of a day affects the shape of our figure. Leaning over a book or computer terminal will promote the shoulders moving forward and discourage the posture that will display the bust. These actions also requires a lot of sitting which will spread the hips. Being someone who moves around a lot, stretches, exercises and runs keeps the figure long and lean. The exercise tends to inhibit the growth of bust and hip. Every body habit affect our figure in some way. To me that is a better way to describe someone’s body  shape.

Why not describe what they are rather than some numbers held against and ideal? Why not use an empowering term describing their essence rather than pointing to a negative aspect that essence has created?

Compare Them


The fact is any figure where the hips and bust are within 2 inches of each other and the waist is 8 inches or smaller. The waist can be 34″ as long as the bust is 42″ or more.

The implication is that to be an hourglass has a wasp waist that few of us can ever hope to obtain.

Tend to be created by the person who loves being social and loves to be the center of attention. Posturing and wiggling are used to great advantage.

The message is you are only really an hourglass if your waist is smaller than you can every hope to obtain. You are too think in the waist

Lady Diva Message

Implication is the person has developed this figure because they are comfortable around people and being the center of attention. Posturing and wiggling hips are part of the personality

The message is you love center stage and look best dressing  to enhance that.


The fact – any figure where the hips are more than 4″ larger than the bust and the waist is smaller than either.

Implication is the hips are the biggest part of your figure and is all anyone can see.

Tend to be created by bing very into books, numbers, writing and studious attention to details

The message is that your hips are grossly too big.

Lady Peacock Message

The best look for you to offset the figure created by your habits are to draw all the attention to your face and shoulders. A peacock fans its tail feathers to draw attention. If you had similar feathers they would be around your shoulders drawing attention. Do the same with your clothes.

Inverted Triangle

The fact – any figure where the bust is more than 4″ larger than the hips and the waist is smaller than either.

Implication is that the bust and shoulders are the biggest part of your figure and is all anyone can see.

Tend to be created by women with strong personalities. They hold themselves regally and strongly so not to be dismissed and are often in fields requiring a strong forceful personalities like sales. This regal posture encourages broad shoulders and bust to match. It also encourages long legs to stand tall on.

The message is that you have football shoulders, nothing matches and you are out of proportion.

Sassy Gal Message

You are a strong person and often overpower the people around you. You are sassy. Dress to give the people around you a chance to shine. Look for styles that take advantage of your strong stance and create a long lean look. Reduce the shoulders to allow others in so you are sassy rather than overpowering.


The fact – any figure where the waist is larger than the bust or hips.

Implication is that you are just flat out FAT!

Tend to be created by women who have mothering personalities. They adopt the role of earth mother nurturing everyone around them. There is a reason that the image we have of ‘big mama’ in our society is rotund – she is nurturing and feeding us.

Earth Goddess Message

Just because you have such a nurturing personality you should allow yourself to be seen by the people around you. Following the rule of thirds and dividing your figure into vertical thirds and using brighter colors in the inside third draws attention to your face and to you. This bring you out into the world for you.


The fact – any figure where the bust and waist is within 2″ of each other and the waist is less than 8″ smaller than either

Implication is that you have no figure. You are nothing. You are not feminine.

Tend to be created by women who love movement. They are into sports and fitness or just have too much energy to sit still and are constantly in motion.

Lady Of Movement Message

Don’t deny that movement. Clothes moving around the figure will create curves and enhance your femininity by adding visually to the bust and hips.

Which Would You Like to Be?

Compare those different messages – the disempowering negative description of one part of your body or a positive view of you. The words you use to describe yourself get internalized and create your self image. Lets make those words beautiful and empowering – creating a positive you.

More Info

For a better understanding of your body shape visit What is All This About Bodyshapes? on my website IstinaDesign . To determine what your body shape is check out my Find Your Bodyshape. Then over to my Shop that is displayed by bodyshapes!





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5 Elements of a Basic Wardrobe


Reworking my wardrobe a few days ago, I was reminded of the 5 items that all well planned wardrobes contain. So if you are looking to improve and revamp your wardrobe here are the 5 items to be sure and include:

Basic Black Dress

You never know when you will need it. A favorite aunt dies or your boss ‘invites’ you to a dressy company dinner (that ‘to die for’ clubbing outfit will not work here!). If you have to rush out and find something, it is usually not the best for your body shape or even your style. You end up tugging at it all through the event and it ends up in the back of your closet afterwards dying a slow death until you send it to the thrift shop. It is better to take the time now to shop for one that enhances your body shape and is classic enough to stand up to the years. Having it in your closet will save you the frantic shopping and money lost on an ’emergancy dress’ later.

I will explore 5 good dress styles for the 5 body shapes a couple of weeks from now!

Well Fitting Basic Jacket

Along those same lines, there may be times when business casual is just a little too casual. While you can hide in the woodwork with what you normally wear to work when the bosses boss comes to town or you are out for drinks with the boss, would it not be far more empowering to have a nice classic blazer or suit jacket in your neutral color to throw over that business casual outfit and instantly dress it up. Become the wow person rather than the hidden person. If you have a beautiful classic one the looks beautiful for your body shape then you can instantly become a standout.

Check back in a few weeks for styles good for the 5 bodyshapes!

Basic Comfortable Loafers

If shoes are your thing – go for it. If the high the better is your thing – go for it. There will, however, be times when your feet protest fashion and high style slows you down. Have a nice pair of loafers to relieve your feet on that 3 hour shopping spree or running after the relative’s (or your) kids. They are always a good element to have in a wardrobe.

Classic Dress Pants

A pair (or two) of classically styled dress pants that enhance your body shape are an excellent core to an empowering wardrobe. Coordinate them with that basic jacket and augment them with several blouses or tops and you are ready to take on the business world-any where!

What to know what your empowered body shape is? Check out Find Your BodyShape on my website IstinaDesign.

I see another blog on the 5 bodyshapes from this as well!

Well Fitting Lingerie

As mundane as it may sound, well fitting lingerie can make or break a wardrobe. I am not referring to matching panties and bras in exotic laces. I am referring to panties that fit comfortably with out showing too tight or too baggy winkled lines under your pants and skirts and bras that fit well and make your tops look like a million rather than dime store.

What to look for in a good fitting bra? That is next weeks blog!

All Put Together

Once you have those basics, look at your lifestyle and fill out the rest of your wardrobe around those 5 basics

For more info on the basic body shapes check out the section, Find Your BodyShape , on my website IstinaDesign. For more assistance on putting together that empowering wardrobe check out the packages I offer in my Shop


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Invest In A Wardrobe That Works!!!!


We’ve All Been There

We’ve all been there. We have a closet overflowing with clothes and NOTHING to wear. Every one of those outfits were exactly what you wanted when you went shopping but you forgot to buy something for today’s event. There are certain events that we go to so seldom that they slip our minds until they arrive. There are other areas of our dressing that aren’t all that interesting for us when we are shopping but occur frequently in our schedules.

So often, when we are shopping we are guiding ourselves one of two ways. We are either browsing to find whatever excites us at that moment or we have that event staring at us and need to find something – anything – to wear. Neither lends itself to a useful cohesive wardrobe.


I suggest looking at your wardrobe as an investment and selecting pieces that fit into the overall structure of your life – giving you what you need when you need it. Create a balanced wardrobe.

How To?

It all starts with making lists.

Make a list of all the places you go and all the occasions that you need your wardrobe to fit. Take that list and decide what percentage of your days (and ensembles) are spent in each occasion. Do you need formal evening attire two or three times a week or once a month or that occasional annual event? How often do you go to events that need that “little black dress”? Do you go hiking and exploring out of doors every weekend on only the occasional group expedition? Give each occasion a percentage. Be sure they all add up to 100% or something is out if whack.

How Does It Fit the Wardrobe?

Now go look at your wardrobe. Do the same percentages apply to the outfits in your closet? Or is it out of whack? Do you spend 50% of your time in dressy business occasions and only 30% of your wardrobe. Do you need casual business outfits 4 times a week and only own 4? – doesn’t allow for much variation! Are you totally missing that little black dress and will need to go emergency shopping for that once a year occasion? Emergency shopping often means buying something that doesn’t really match your look or enhance your body shape. Make a list of what is missing.

Informed Investment Shopping

Armed with this information, the next time you go on your browsing clothes shopping trip you will have some idea of what would be the better investment in your wardrobe. More importantly, once you have done your shopping you won’t face that panic of looking in your closet and finding nothing to wear?

Like Some Help?

If your find making a list of what kinds of clothes you need in your wardrobe a bit daunting, I can help. The Lifestyle questionnaire in the Shop will quiz you about how you spend your time. After analyzing the results, you will receive a wardrobe list of the essentials you need in your wardrobe to cover every aspect of your lifestyle.

Join me in more discussion of body shapes on my website, IstinaDesign.




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Do you REALLY Need a Seamstress?!?!


Do you REALLY NOT want to look polished and professional?”

First Impressions

A woman (or man) whose clothes fit impeccably and enhance their body shape and the image they want to project to the world will stand out as an expert in their field. Isn’t that what we all want? Remember the first visual impression of you sets the image a potential client has of you and therefore your business.

You Must Know What You Are Doing!!

If you look very well put together then you must know what you are doing. If you are slightly off with a shirt that is just a little too baggy or slacks that hang a little funny at the hem because of the duct tape, then your client will subconsciously question just how put together are you in your business. So, unless you are a seamstress already or it is a sideline of yours then  you will need a personal relationship with a good seamstress. A seamstress is instrumental in both maintaining your wardrobe and polishing your professional image.


Without a seamstress, what do you do when the hem falls out of a pair of your favorite pants? Duct tape? Don’t laugh, I have removed a lot of duct tape (and the stickiness it leaves behind) in my career as a seamstress. It will affect the line of the pants as duct tape hangs heavy and pulls on the fabric. It also affects the life of the garment.

What about split seams? That hem that is uneven or just falls at the wrong place? Without a seamstress, they sit in your closet forever collecting dust and limiting your available wardrobe. Gather up that pile. Find a good seamstress and be surprised as what great garments you really have.

Image, Image, Image

That leads us to your professional image. While the exact number may vary with experts,  you have a matter of seconds to make a favorable impression on the people you meet. That is true not only with strangers but on a day to day basis with the people you interact with in business. Their opinion on your capability that day is formed in seconds from seeing you.

Visual Communications

Then there is the little fact that verbal communication accounts for only 7% of the communication you do. A large percentage of the remaining 97% is visual – back to how you look. A polished ensemble that fits you well, is attractively accessorized and looks good on your particular body shape will communicate an impression of being capable and professional. It tells people your know what you are doing and are more than capable of doing it for them.

Making That First Impression

Isn’t that what making a first impression is all about? All it takes is a good seamstress and an understanding of your body shape and how to enhance and empower it by how you select and wear your clothes.

A Better Understanding??

To get a better understanding of your body shape check out the pages under All About BodyShapes on my website at IstinaDesign and check out my blogs on body style. Then shop in my online shop devoted to garments for each specific body style. The garments are construction when ordered so the fit is right there.

For a greater understanding of body styles order my free e-book Know Your Body Shape after checking out what your body shape is at Find Your Body Shape.


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What To Do With Those Salt Encrusted Boots (and Shoes)


Well, winter has set in and it is time for a short DIY. Salt is wonderful in helping prevent falls on the ice and snow of winter but a killer on those expensive boots that look dynamite on you. What to do?

Leaving the salt on the boots can damage them over time so it is a godd idea to clean them at least once during winter and again when the salt is gone in the spring.

Step One – Supplies

Here is a list of what you will need to clean those boots:

-Brush for the boots.

-soft if the leather is not suede

-for suede boots(those soft ones that change color depending on how you brush the leather) go for a suede brush

-Spray bottle


-soft cloth dampened with clean water


-Hair conditioner – ONLY FOR NON-SUEDE BOOTS!

-Leather boot waterproofing spray if you want to minimize future salt problems

Step Two – Brush, Brush, Brush

Brush off the boots well. This will remove any big chunks of dirt and debris as well as a lot of the surface salt. This makes it easier to get to the salt that has soaked into the boots.

Step Three – Vinegar and Water

Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in the spray bottle. Shake it up and spray the mixture on the boots where the salt stains are. On suede boots, you may need to use your brush to get all of the stains off. Then using the towel buff the boots to remove the imbedded salts.

Step Four – Wipe Well

Wipe the boots well with a damp cloth of clean water to remove any excess vinegar. Vinegar is necessary to release the salt stains but will also dry out the boots if left on.


You can replenish the moisture lost in your NON-suede boots by lathering on some of your hair conditioner. Lather on and wipe clean. Your boots will love it.

Step Six – Last But Not Least

If you want – spray your newly cleaned boots with some leather waterproofing spray. This will help reduce the amount of salt stains you will gather on your boots in the future.

There you have it in six easy steps! Clean beautiful boots.

Want More?

For more information on empowering you and your wardrobe check out some of my other blogs at IstinaDesign 


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Jewelry Can Empower Your Look

Jewelry Montage.001

Accessories Count Too

Along with anything else in your wardrobe, jewelry can empower or disempower your look. It would be a shame, after spending time and focus getting your ensemble beautiful for your particular shape, to reduce its punch with a necklace or earrings that don’t harmonize.

Let’s Check It Out 

Lets check out each of the five body shapes and see what works best. Then you can head over to Istina Design’s Shop and check out the beautiful manufactured stone necklaces available. They can be customized with the perfect chain length and style for your body shape. Custom necklaces are also available by contacting me directly on Istina Design.

Lady Peacock

Also known as a pear, you can get away with all the jewelry that other shapes are advised to stay away from. Go for big and chunky. All those statement pieces look beautiful. Huge, statement, or just plain bright earrings look great on you. You can wear pendants but don’t go real small and delicate. Consider putting them on a ribbon to tie around your neck.

Lady Diva

Also know as the hourglass, you are best heading for all the classic time tested jewelry. Pendents look great on you in any size. You are best if you keep the chain length to around 18″-20″ so the pendent sits just below your collarbone. Any chain will work but steer clear of the big linked chunky chains. You can get away with a chunky statement piece but be selective – just the necklace or just the earring being chunky or large.

Earth Goddess

Also know as the apple, you are best with necklaces that frame both your face and neck. Don’t make them too small or their smallness will be all that is noticed. On the other hand, don’t make them big chunky statement pieces or your face will look small. Not only will chain lengths of 18″-20″ good for you but so will the chains that hang down long on your front. They work beautifully with an open front coat that provides a beautiful display area for them.

Lady of Movement

Also know as a rectangle, you are best keeping your necklaces long and wearing multiple ones of differing lengths. Create movement with your jewelry as well as your clothes. You can get away with statement pieces as long as they are not up close to your face. Big chunky pendants are beautiful.

Sassy Gal

Also know as an inverted triangle, you look best on long chains and pendants that hang low on your chest. Long skinny earrings will add to the long svelte look that you are working at creating.

Just About Anything Goes

Just about any necklace will work as long as you pay attention to the length and style of the chain it is on. Go out and have fun. Most important, if that necklace calls to you – answer it regardless of its style and adjust it to fit you beautifully.

Our Jewelry

To check out the jewelry on Istina Design, please check out the accessories in our Shop.


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The Pear Figure is the new Lady Peacock


Not an Pear but a Lady Peacock

It’s Still A New Year

Let’s continue our resolve this new year to change how we look at our bodies. Lets continue replace the negative can’ts with empowering cans!

In this mission to revise how we look at ourselves, let’s checkout another body shape and get some new empowering cans rather than the old can’ts.

Not an Pear but a Lady Peacock

Let’s continue our discovery with the second largest shape group in the US – the pear. So you’ve checked your body shape and you are a Pear – your waist is still smaller than either your hips or bust but your hips are more than a few inches wider than your bust. Now what? What is it you need to avoid? What do you need to compensate for? NOTHING!!

You’ve Got Something No One Else Has!

Flip it and look at what your body shape empowers you to do better than any other body shape. That is display! Anything and everything around your face and shoulders. Just like the feathers of your namesake, the peacock.

That Pesky Ideal

Our society’s current ideal body shape and the one we are all striving to emulate is the hourglass. On her, bust and hips are close to the same measurement. By making your shoulders and bust visually larger they will appear closer to your hip’s dimension and closer to the hourglass ideal.

How To Do It

So – your face and shoulders as a display. Just what does that mean? How can you do it?

On Top

In jackets, select ones that are full and well defined at the shoulders. Play with contrasting or exaggerated yokes and shoulders. You can indulge in a lot of shoulder attention and still stay in pleasing proportions.


Scarves are your private fantasy land. Have at it with all kinds of beautiful scarves draped around your shoulders and neck. The only style of scarf to be avoided is turning it into a necktie Why would you want to do that and lose all that drama?

Feast On Jewelry

In jewelry, the chunkier the better. All those statement earrings and all those beautifully intricate dangles and huge statement pieces that look overpowering to other body shapes are made just for you. So are all those beautiful statement necklaces placing oodles of big chunky charms around your neck.

Don’t hide. All those small delicate necklaces are beautiful but don’t play up your assets and the long long vertical chains do nothing but point away from your beautiful face.

Sleeves Please

In a dress or top, find ones that have details that draw attention to your bust or shoulders. Play with sleeves. Make them a statement. Go all out. If you want sleeveless in the heat of summer select dramatic armholes that are not cut into the shoulders like the conventional sleeveless top but go out to the armhole – maybe even add a cap to that shoulder.

On the Bottom

Because you don’t want to take attention away from all the drama going on up top, keep the bottom simple and quiet. Use darker colors. Steer away that pencil skirt and skinny jeans. They are statement pieces that draw attention away from the drama at the shoulders where you want the attention to reside. Make it more classic and quiet with wider legs and defined waistlines.

Want More?

For more Lady Peacock information check out my page on Lady Peacock Dressing. Then slide right over to the Shop  for a guide to shopping for your shape. It comes in a beautiful leatherette pouch that you can slip into your purse to take with you shopping  or to check out Lady Peacock specific styles – it’s already sorted out for you!

Contact Me!

Need more info on just what your shape is and what looks best then contact me at IstinaDesign.


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Trunk Shows

To avoid the major markup that retail stores have to impose on clothing to cover the cost of retail I am using a different way to get my clothing to you - in home trunk shows. Invite a few of your [...]

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