What Is All This About Bodyshapes?

There is Nothing Wrong With Your Proportions!

For far too long women have looked at what was wrong with their bodies and focused on compensating or covering up the problem areas. It is time that we embraced our assets and took advantage of our particular body shapes to look beautiful, in control and confident. By playing up our individual body shapes we can create ensembles that feel beautiful as well looking beautiful. Knowing we look stylish and put together in a way that says we know who we are increases our confidence and our ability to handle the outside world with confidence and flare.

Embrace Your Shape

Understanding and embracing your body shape is the key to looking good and feeling confident in the clothing you buy. Clothes that fight your body shape and do not take it into account are clothes that are uncomfortable both visually and physically. They are the garments that hang unworn in your closet.

Design For Your Shape

The design of clothes draws attention to various parts of your body. The design of clothing makes various features look larger or smaller than they really are. By understanding your body shape and knowing where to draw the attention to you can bring out your intrinsic beauty. Wearing clothes that do not take into account your body shape creates a visual disharmony and creates a shape that is not your own and is uncomfortable both visually and physically

What is Your BodyShape

Let’s see what your BodyShape is! Find Your BodyShape

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