5 Elements of a Basic Wardrobe


Reworking my wardrobe a few days ago, I was reminded of the 5 items that all well planned wardrobes contain. So if you are looking to improve and revamp your wardrobe here are the 5 items to be sure and include:

Basic Black Dress

You never know when you will need it. A favorite aunt dies or your boss ‘invites’ you to a dressy company dinner (that ‘to die for’ clubbing outfit will not work here!). If you have to rush out and find something, it is usually not the best for your body shape or even your style. You end up tugging at it all through the event and it ends up in the back of your closet afterwards dying a slow death until you send it to the thrift shop. It is better to take the time now to shop for one that enhances your body shape and is classic enough to stand up to the years. Having it in your closet will save you the frantic shopping and money lost on an ’emergancy dress’ later.

I will explore 5 good dress styles for the 5 body shapes a couple of weeks from now!

Well Fitting Basic Jacket

Along those same lines, there may be times when business casual is just a little too casual. While you can hide in the woodwork with what you normally wear to work when the bosses boss comes to town or you are out for drinks with the boss, would it not be far more empowering to have a nice classic blazer or suit jacket in your neutral color to throw over that business casual outfit and instantly dress it up. Become the wow person rather than the hidden person. If you have a beautiful classic one the looks beautiful for your body shape then you can instantly become a standout.

Check back in a few weeks for styles good for the 5 bodyshapes!

Basic Comfortable Loafers

If shoes are your thing – go for it. If the high the better is your thing – go for it. There will, however, be times when your feet protest fashion and high style slows you down. Have a nice pair of loafers to relieve your feet on that 3 hour shopping spree or running after the relative’s (or your) kids. They are always a good element to have in a wardrobe.

Classic Dress Pants

A pair (or two) of classically styled dress pants that enhance your body shape are an excellent core to an empowering wardrobe. Coordinate them with that basic jacket and augment them with several blouses or tops and you are ready to take on the business world-any where!

What to know what your empowered body shape is? Check out Find Your BodyShape on my website IstinaDesign.

I see another blog on the 5 bodyshapes from this as well!

Well Fitting Lingerie

As mundane as it may sound, well fitting lingerie can make or break a wardrobe. I am not referring to matching panties and bras in exotic laces. I am referring to panties that fit comfortably with out showing too tight or too baggy winkled lines under your pants and skirts and bras that fit well and make your tops look like a million rather than dime store.

What to look for in a good fitting bra? That is next weeks blog!

All Put Together

Once you have those basics, look at your lifestyle and fill out the rest of your wardrobe around those 5 basics

For more info on the basic body shapes check out the section, Find Your BodyShape , on my website IstinaDesign. For more assistance on putting together that empowering wardrobe check out the packages I offer in my Shop


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