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On The Pulse of the Fashion World

Glamour magazine came out with some fashion trends for this spring. Some I can relate to and totally see this spring. A few left me scratching my head. What you think?


Black and White Dressing

This is a NEW trend?!! And only for spring?!? This is almost a basic in many of our wardrobes. Almost all of us have at least one in our closet and many of us revolve our whole wardrobe around the theme.

Lady of Movements can use the combo to create the movement that makes them look so good. Lady Peacocks can use the combo to highlight their shoulders and bust. An Earth Goddess can use the combo to divide her ensemble into beautiful vertical thirds. A Sassy Gal can use it to add weight to her bottom to offset her bust and shoulders and use it to breakup her torso. The lady Diva revels in it to enhance her hourglass shape.

It is a tried and true fashion statement. How is it NEW FOR SPING??

gingham 2015


I’m so sorry to see this on the fashion runways. It looks like a test garment that I would make for a client to see that the outfit is hanging straight on her and there are no fit problems – while on my way to creating a beautiful custom suit of an entirely different material. There is a place for gingham in fashion – casual blouses, funny pinafores, and the perennial cowboy shirt. In a high style business suit it looks wrinkled and unfinished.

shirtdresses 2015


This is one style I am delighted to see returning this spring. They are very comfortable for our busy lifestyles and let us reconnect to the beautiful weather that is returning (or soon to return for some of you!). Any body shape can find a shirtdress style that enhances their particular shape.

This trend is a great one and spot on for spring.

culottes 2015


This is another great trend for spring but hardly a new one.

Not every body shape can get away with wearing them. They are not the best for Lady Peacocks or Earth Goddesses. You look best with length in your slacks and the lower part of your figure.

What I don’t understand is why they have to pose the models in such clumsy ways to make culottes look klutzy!



Ok! Here is one ‘trend for spring’ that I totally don’t understand!

How is wearing an apron of another color and style over your elegant dress making it more fashionable? This is one style I hope hits the trash can before making it to market.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of the upcoming spring trends? Is there a great one on the cusp that I missed?

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