Do you REALLY Need a Seamstress?!?!


Do you REALLY NOT want to look polished and professional?”

First Impressions

A woman (or man) whose clothes fit impeccably and enhance their body shape and the image they want to project to the world will stand out as an expert in their field. Isn’t that what we all want? Remember the first visual impression of you sets the image a potential client has of you and therefore your business.

You Must Know What You Are Doing!!

If you look very well put together then you must know what you are doing. If you are slightly off with a shirt that is just a little too baggy or slacks that hang a little funny at the hem because of the duct tape, then your client will subconsciously question just how put together are you in your business. So, unless you are a seamstress already or it is a sideline of yours then  you will need a personal relationship with a good seamstress. A seamstress is instrumental in both maintaining your wardrobe and polishing your professional image.


Without a seamstress, what do you do when the hem falls out of a pair of your favorite pants? Duct tape? Don’t laugh, I have removed a lot of duct tape (and the stickiness it leaves behind) in my career as a seamstress. It will affect the line of the pants as duct tape hangs heavy and pulls on the fabric. It also affects the life of the garment.

What about split seams? That hem that is uneven or just falls at the wrong place? Without a seamstress, they sit in your closet forever collecting dust and limiting your available wardrobe. Gather up that pile. Find a good seamstress and be surprised as what great garments you really have.

Image, Image, Image

That leads us to your professional image. While the exact number may vary with experts,  you have a matter of seconds to make a favorable impression on the people you meet. That is true not only with strangers but on a day to day basis with the people you interact with in business. Their opinion on your capability that day is formed in seconds from seeing you.

Visual Communications

Then there is the little fact that verbal communication accounts for only 7% of the communication you do. A large percentage of the remaining 97% is visual – back to how you look. A polished ensemble that fits you well, is attractively accessorized and looks good on your particular body shape will communicate an impression of being capable and professional. It tells people your know what you are doing and are more than capable of doing it for them.

Making That First Impression

Isn’t that what making a first impression is all about? All it takes is a good seamstress and an understanding of your body shape and how to enhance and empower it by how you select and wear your clothes.

A Better Understanding??

To get a better understanding of your body shape check out the pages under All About BodyShapes on my website at IstinaDesign and check out my blogs on body style. Then shop in my online shop devoted to garments for each specific body style. The garments are construction when ordered so the fit is right there.

For a greater understanding of body styles order my free e-book Know Your Body Shape after checking out what your body shape is at Find Your Body Shape.


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