Neutrals – A Color World In Themselves! Try It Out


Do you find yourself drawn to black for your entire ensemble? Does it seem safe/dramatic/simple/a statement? Try mixing black with other neutrals and see the pop and pizzaz!

The Basics of Neutrals

Neutrals aren’t just black and navy. They are a wide range of colors. They include black, brown, gray, tan, navy, white, tan, and beige (tan and beige is often included in brown and not separated out as a separate neutral).

They are the basics in a wardrobe and help ground it.

They can produce a rich textured outfit by themselves and combined with just themselves. They can tone down a strong color combination and provide cohesion between the colors.


Except for white (which is a lack of any color), neutrals are made by mixing opposite colors togethers. Red and green produces a brown. Red, yellow, and blue results in black. Different percentages of those colors gives different shades of their neutral. The fact that neutrals actually contain other colors is part of what allows neutrals to pair well with colors and ground them.

Neutrals Go With Everything

The saying that neutrals go with everything is very true. Not only do they go with any color scheme selected they go with each other. They can be mixed with each other in an ensemble and look elegant. Used individually they create a beautiful quiet palette.

Try Them Out

Being based in colors is what allows neutrals to flow so well with other neutrals. Try combining a yellow tinged brown (most warm light browns)  with an ivory (off white) and you will have just as dynamic a combo as if you picked from the color wheel. Try navy with a blue based gray (the steel grays or metallic grays are blue tinged). That will give you almost as much drama as black and white.



The Black and White of It

Black and white as a combo isprobably the most dramatic one. Interestingly that combo follows the color rule of contrasting colors working well together. Except here is is no color vs all the colors combined into one.



Every Wardrobe Needs Neutrals

For drama, neutrals can be teamed with a single color. This combo allows the color to create an exciting pop of color – much more dramatic than the other color themes.


Neutrals with Pop of Pink

Every wardrobe needs 1 or 2 neutrals. Without them, colors themes can become jarring and too robust. Neutrals keeps colors in check and in moderation.

What Colors Do You Want

Interested in finding out what color combos would look good on you? Check out my blog on Being Your Own Color Stylist. Then find out what colors combos work for you and get your own Color Card that you can take shopping with you to create a beautiful color coordinated wardrobe.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Want to explore further and take color to the next step. Contact me for a design consult to find out how we can incorporate your newfound color knowledge in some beautiful additions to your wardrobe. Or – check out the Shop for some ideas. See you at Istina Design!







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