What is your Bodyshape?? The answer in 3 simple steps.

What is your body shape? Previously I described the 5 body shapes and guidelines on how to dress. Next step is determining your particular shape.

That will take 3 easy steps with 3 simple measurements.

Step 1 – Prepare to measure.

In addition to a tape measure, there are a few other things you will need to before measuring.

First, leave your jeans for another occasion. They are bulky and act as a girdle.

Second, the less material between you and your tape measure the better. Lightweight garments are best. Tank top and leggings are perfect

Third, gather up your tools.

a good tape measure.

elastic. To determine where your waist is.

a mirror. This will help you find where you are measuring. A good friend would be a good substitute.

Step 2-The Measurements

Now, take that tape measure in your hands and start measuring

1- Bust. Making sure the tape measure is level with your bust across your back measure around the widest point of your bust. Do NOT pull the tape measure tight.

2- Waist. If you are not sure where your waist is, tie a piece of elastic around your waist and move around. It will settle at your waist. It is fine to pull this one a little tight. You are measuring over clothes

3 – Hips. The dreaded hip measurement is next. Hips in this context is the widest part of your body below your waist. Look at yourself sideways in the mirror to find this line and measure it. Do NOT pull tight here.

Step 3 – What Bodyshape are you?

You are a Lady Diva (aka Hourglass)  if your bust and hips are within 2 inches of each other and your waist is 7 – 8 inches smaller.

You are a Lady of Movement (aka Rectangle) if hips and bust are within 2″ of each other but waist is NOT 7 – 8″ smaller

You are a Lady Peacock (aka Pear) if hips are more that 2″ larger than your bust and waist is smaller than  bust.

You are a Sassy Gal (aka Inverted Triangle) if your bust is more than 2 inches larger than your waist and your waist is smaller than your bust.

You are an Earth Goddess (aka Apple) if waist is larger than or equal to bust.

You can be on a scale between two shape. Claim ownership of both shapes. I will clarify that on an upcoming post.

Right now, you can you can go to my website Istina Design  to read up further on what your particular body shape will look best wearing.



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