You’re Not an Inverted Triangle!! You are a Sassy Gal





Our next stop in our exploration of body shapes or styles is the Sassy Gal. You are also known by the very unimaginative term of Inverted Triangle! That so does not match your personality and style. You developed those broad shoulders because you were a force to be reckoned with.

You’ve checked your measurements and the largest one is your bust. While your waist is in relative proportion, your bust is more than 2 inches larger than your hips. While we are not measuring your shoulders, they support your bust with no problem! In the old paradigm you would be a very geometric inverted triangle.   For an assist in figuring out your shape check out my BodyShapeFinder.

Your style is to take on the world on your terms. You just want to be careful to not overpower the people around you. Best way is to quiet down your strength and streamline your image. What is better than a hidden asset! Let the rest of the world relax so they can admire your sassiness and strength. What will help a lot in that streamlining are your legs. They are long in proportion to the rest of your figure and seem to go on and on.

You are around 14% of the population, making you the third largest group. You move the world forward. Unfortunately many retailers don’t acknowledge nor cater to your unique body shape or style.


What to Do?

You are one of only two body styles that can draw focus to your hips and have fun. No fear of making them look too big.

Since the goal is to streamline your figure (and bring the hips more in proportion to your bust) be quiet in the shoulders and let the fun fly at the waist and legs.


On Top

Go with necklines that enhance your height and focus on your face. Slashed necklines and button up shirt collars with the first button or two open are perfect. Deep v and scoop necklines that go long rather than wide are also good.

Go single breasted in jackets and other tops. Play down and don’t emphasize your shoulders. A perfect jacket would be one that cinches your waist and then flares dramatically over your hips. Vests are your best friends – morning, noon, and night.

Short sleeves draw attention to the breadth of your bust and shoulders. You are better off either sleeveless or with elbow or 3/4 length sleeves. When you wear long sleeves have fun with the cuffs.


On the Bottom

You can wear those skinny jeans and cigarette pants that most body shapes stay away from. With your long legs – show them off. Don’t hide them under wide legged or floppy jersey slacks. If you want loose fitting, go all the way to cargo pants with multiple pockets on the legs. Emphasize your hips with low waisted pants.

You can go to any extreme with your skirts. – waist cinching aka 1950s style to skin hugging pencil skirts. Long skirts are great because of the length of your lower torso.

Define your waist. Have fun with belts of all sizes and shapes.



Some good general rules to follow when shopping are:

Focus attention on your waist and hips

Draw attention away from your bust and shoulders

Emphasis those legs!!


Shopping Frustration Solved

When you go shopping you usually end up with separates since ensembles seldom work. If the skirt or pants fit then tops or blouses or jackets are snug in the shoulders and bust and forever splitting. If the shoulders fit them the bottoms bag. Frustrating.

You have been trying to shop and dress to look your best but most retailers have been ignoring your shape. What I am most proud of with Istina Designs is that the garments are designed and proportioned to the unique body styles. All my designs are tagged with the body styles they are best suited for. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy the garment if you are not that body style. It gives you guidance to find those designs best suited for you. Select your body style when ordering the outfit and it will be proportioned to your particular body style. No more gaping necklines!!!

Furthermore, since the garments are completed after an order is received, the garment will be proportioned to your specific measurements. Check it out!!! Shop Istina Designs!

For More Info

If you want more detailed info on your particular body style, Get my free e-book Know Your Body Shape.

We don’t always fall exclusively in one body style. We may fall between two shapes. (your hips and bust are about the same and your waist is only a couple of inches out of alignment for the Lady of Movement, etc). In those cases, pay attention to both body styles when shopping. For assistance there, pick up a Shopping Guide for your particular body style combo in the Istina Designs shop.

Final Note

Above all, don’t be so bound by the ‘rules’ that you select clothes that you don’t like. Enjoy the clothes you wear – that will generate the best impression. And have fun. That creates the most beautiful ensembles.


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