From Flawed To Beautiful

When my custom clients come to me they are often past the point of frustration. Our modern media has inundated us with thin (undernourished) “perfect” bodies and has taught us to obsess about our problems and flaws. Products are sold and entire businesses are based on us trying to fix ourselves and our “flawed” bodies.

My clients have listened to all the experts tell them how to hide their flaws and how identify and ‘fix’ their less than perfect parts. All this has done is to focus their attention on these ‘problems’ and away from their assets. Now when my client looked in the mirror all they saw were the flaws they were trying to hide. To make matters worse, this expert advice has become mixed with their best friends’ words of wisdom and the solutions they try to implement are often conflicting. By the time they get to me, I am their last hope for something…..

I take a different approach. Rather than working on compensating for or hiding flaws, I use garment design to accentuate and change the client’s body shape to a more ideal body shape. This does not mean that I ignore their “problem areas” but the irony is that those areas are more obvious to the client than to the people looking at them. When they look in the mirror, they see the hips that are too wide. I see the shoulders that are too narrow. Their friends and acquaintances see an incredible smile and striking hairdo before the hips. We can’t change the hips so let’s bring the rest of their body more in proportion to those hips so they more closely match the ideal body shape.

What is that ideal body shape? With minor variations to the whim of fashion, it has been for a couple of centuries and still is the hourglass shape.  Hips and bust are equal in measurement and the waist is noticeably smaller. Tall or short, large or petite, when we see the hourglass in someone’s figure, it becomes more pleasing to us.

What body shape are you dealing with when shopping. Find out by using my Body Shape Calculator.

Over the next couple of months I will show you how to create that more ideal body shape and how to use design to make you appear closer to that ideal hourglass.



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