The Rectangle Figure is the new Lady of Movement

Not an Rectangle but a Lady of Movement

Keep Up the Resolve

Let’s keep up our resolve to change how we look at ourselves and continue our resolve to replace the negative can’ts with empowering cans! Let’s turn our attention to another body shape and get some new empowering cans rather than the old can’ts.

Not a Rectangle but a Lady of Movement

The greatest number of us are Ladies of Movement. About 46% of us.

Your hips and bust are within an inch or two of each other and your waist is only a bit smaller (less than 7”). Your derriere tends to the flat side and your legs are long.

Your Personality is Reflected in Your Shape

The world is a complex place for you. You thrive in that complexness and view the world in constant movement. Sweeping lines circling and caressing your figure enhances you like nothing else. Your goal is to keep everyone’s eyes moving when they look at you – creating visual curves and bringing out your beauty.

How to Do It

One way to do this is to use strong blocks of color keep eyes moving around you. Nothing needs to be hidden or changed – be dramatic.

To give your outfits a firm foundation, put the darker colors on the bottom and use the lighter brighter colors on top.

Have fun with the complexity of curves. Stay away from straight lines and boxy squares – they are too static.

Play With the Angles

Play with moving the horizontal lines of your garments to non-standard locations. Who says your waistline has to be at your waist?! Move it around by using short fitted tank tops and high waisted pants. At your waist, add curves there with single button waist closures, belted garments  and designs that point to the waist.

Pleat your tops. Add tie sashes at your waist. Wear fitted vests and drapey tops that bring the eyes to your bust.

Play with complexity and movement.


Three quarter length hems allow for the complexity in your garment and doesn’t cut it off as a mini skirt would. Asymmetrical and pointed hems belong right in the flowing curves you are creating.

On the Bottom

Go for the skirt and dress styles that have the flowing curves in their lines – flared and mermaid skirts or ones with asymmetrical gores below the hips. Skirts with asymmetrical inserted pleats create flowing curves. Empire waisted dresses create curves high on the body.

Stay with defined curves and avoid the long amorphous skirts that go everywhere and straight skirts.

Don’t ignore your slacks. Slacks with hip pockets add a curve to your hips. Cropped pants or capris, like the three quarter length sleeves, create interesting lines and proportions. Floppy pants and jersey pants create a flow and swirl around your legs.

Avoid the Fuss

Fussy trim anywhere will detract from the dramatic curves you are creating especially around your neckline. Ruffles around the shoulder are too soft and fussy. On the other side, knotted fabric makes a strong statement and will add the complexity that you seek.


Low diamond and v necklines create the dramatic curves as do wide necklines.

Sleeves Can be Complex too

Keep those complex movements going in your sleeves as well. Make use of flared and fluted sleeves. Why use a one part sleeve when a two part one is so much more interesting? Three quarter length sleeves create interesting dynamics with the lines.

In all your garments, have fun with the curves and movement and add the complexity of unique angles and proportions that only you can bring to an outfit.

Want More?

For more Lady of Movement  information check out my page on Lady of Movement Dressing. Then slide right over to the Shop for a guide to shopping for your shape. It comes in a beautiful leatherette pouch that you can slip into your purse to take with you shopping or to check out Lady of Movement specific styles – it’s already sorted out for you!

Contact Me!

Need more info on just what your shape is and what looks best then contact me at IstinaDesign.


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