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We’ve All Been There

We’ve all been there. We have a closet overflowing with clothes and NOTHING to wear. Every one of those outfits were exactly what you wanted when you went shopping but you forgot to buy something for today’s event. There are certain events that we go to so seldom that they slip our minds until they arrive. There are other areas of our dressing that aren’t all that interesting for us when we are shopping but occur frequently in our schedules.

So often, when we are shopping we are guiding ourselves one of two ways. We are either browsing to find whatever excites us at that moment or we have that event staring at us and need to find something – anything – to wear. Neither lends itself to a useful cohesive wardrobe.


I suggest looking at your wardrobe as an investment and selecting pieces that fit into the overall structure of your life – giving you what you need when you need it. Create a balanced wardrobe.

How To?

It all starts with making lists.

Make a list of all the places you go and all the occasions that you need your wardrobe to fit. Take that list and decide what percentage of your days (and ensembles) are spent in each occasion. Do you need formal evening attire two or three times a week or once a month or that occasional annual event? How often do you go to events that need that “little black dress”? Do you go hiking and exploring out of doors every weekend on only the occasional group expedition? Give each occasion a percentage. Be sure they all add up to 100% or something is out if whack.

How Does It Fit the Wardrobe?

Now go look at your wardrobe. Do the same percentages apply to the outfits in your closet? Or is it out of whack? Do you spend 50% of your time in dressy business occasions and only 30% of your wardrobe. Do you need casual business outfits 4 times a week and only own 4? – doesn’t allow for much variation! Are you totally missing that little black dress and will need to go emergency shopping for that once a year occasion? Emergency shopping often means buying something that doesn’t really match your look or enhance your body shape. Make a list of what is missing.

Informed Investment Shopping

Armed with this information, the next time you go on your browsing clothes shopping trip you will have some idea of what would be the better investment in your wardrobe. More importantly, once you have done your shopping you won’t face that panic of looking in your closet and finding nothing to wear?

Like Some Help?

If your find making a list of what kinds of clothes you need in your wardrobe a bit daunting, I can help. The Lifestyle questionnaire in the Shop will quiz you about how you spend your time. After analyzing the results, you will receive a wardrobe list of the essentials you need in your wardrobe to cover every aspect of your lifestyle.

Join me in more discussion of body shapes on my website, IstinaDesign.




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