Academy Awards Toots and Oops!!

Being public figures and posing so beautifully in ensembles put together with great intent, the actresses on the red carpet at the Academy awards give us great opportunity to see what does and doesn’t work to enhance the figure.

Because of the nature of personality of that shape (the hourglass), a majority of actresses are Lady Diva. They thrive on red carpet attention. This year two Divas gave us both a perfect example of a beautiful unexpected way to enhance her figure and a less than beautiful way to UNenhance the Lady Diva figure.



A Lady Diva is the body shape that is normally referred to as an hourglass. The bust and hips are within 2 inches of death other and the waist is at least 7 inches smaller.

Because her shape already has the curves, the Lady Diva’s (aka hourglass) biggest challenge is not to hide those curves or turn them into something less. Unfortunately Dakota Johnson did just that in the gown she wore that night. While the gown itself is very beautiful, it hides her figure throughly. The shape of the gown is very long and rectangular. There is no real waist to the gown. The one shoulder accent and straight from the shoulders cut of the side seams only serves to minimize her bust and create more of a flat look. Saint Laurent is a fantastic designer but that dress was not for her.



On the other side of the spectrum, Anna Kendrick did something dangerous but unexpectedly gorgeous for her Lady Diva figure. I would normally advice a Lady Diva to avoid the very simple halter style dress that she sports. The thickness of the neckline and the positioning of the opening in the front of her dress only bring the eye out to her bust and back into her waist – beautifully enhancing and reinforcing the curves of a Lady Diva. The gently full gown slowly expanding from her hips down serve to keep her hips in proportion but add a long elegance to her dress. Fantastic. Kudos to the designer – Thakoon.


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