The Colors of Spring 2015

Introducing the Colors of Spring 2015


In addition to their color of the year, Marsala, Pantone has also published the expected colors for the spring – or at least the colors the large designers will be making their collections in.

I Think They’ve Got It!

This year I think they got it! According to Pantone, “Many feel compelled to be connected around the clock because we are afraid we’ll miss something important. There is a growing movement to step out and create ‘quiet zones’ to disconnect from technology and unwind, giving ourselves time to stop and be still. Color choices follow the same minimalistic, ‘en plain air’ theme, taking a cue from nature rather than being reinvented or mechanically manipulated.”

Soft and Natural

While the colors this season are soft, they are not the frilly romantic pastels of years past. Interestingly all of the top four colors are in the blue family and provide a color good for each color season:a soft Aquamarine for the Autumn color group, Scuba Blue for the Summer colors, Lucite Green (a greenish blue) for the burst into spring colors and Classic blue for the Winters among us. While each of the colors selected is a strong color and can stand alone, they are all soft gentle natural hues.

Winter Intense?

If you are looking for intense colors (as a lot of Winters are) then this years palette will be challenging. Combine any of these colors with black in your outfit and you will get back that intensity.


They are colors that invite you to find out which one looks good on you. None of them demand centerstage. Now is a good time to go exploring in a fabric store to see what colors look good against your complexion.

Create Your Own Color Palette!

Throw out all your understanding of who should be what color group and the myriad of rules of what you should and should not wear. Explore and find the colors that make you smile when you wrap them around your face and create your own palette for your clothes.



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