You’re Not a Pear! You are a Lady Peacock!!


Let’s start redefining body shapes and make them empowering this time. Let’s go over the 5 different body shapes and discover a new, empowering way to see and dress them.

Let’s start with the second largest shape group in the US – the pear. So you’ve checked your body shape and you are a Pear – your waist is still smaller than either your hips or bust but your hips are more than a few inches wider than your bust. Now what? What is it you need to avoid? What do you need to compensate for? NOTHING!!

Flip it and look at what your body shape empowers you to do better than any other body shape. That is display! Anything and everything around your face and shoulders. Just like the feathers of your namesake – Lady Peacock.

And just WHY is that?

Our society’s current ideal body shape and the one we are all striving to emulate is the hourglass. On her, bust and hips are close to the same measurement. By making your shoulders and bust visually larger they will appear closer to your hip’s dimension and closer to the hourglass ideal.

On Top

In jackets, select ones that are full and well defined at the shoulders. You can get away with contrasting or exaggerated yokes and shoulders and still stay in pleasing proportions.

Scarves are your private fantasy land. Have at it with all kinds of beautiful scarves draped around your shoulders and neck. The only style of scarf to be avoided is turning it into a necktie Why would you want to do that and lose all that drama?

In jewelry, the chunkier the better. All those statement earrings and all those beautifully intricate dangles and huge statement pieces that look overpowering to other body shapes are made just for you. So are all those beautiful statement necklaces placing oodles of big chunky charms around your neck. Here again, the styles to avoid are those that do not take advantage of all that display real estate – the small delicate necklaces and the long long vertical chains that don’t display anything at the neck.

In a dress or top, find ones that have details that draw attention to your bust or shoulders. Play with sleeves. Make them a statement. Go all out. If you want sleeveless in the heat of summer select dramatic armholes that are not cut into the shoulders like the conventional sleeveless top but go out to the armhole – maybe even add a cap to that shoulder.

On the Bottom

Because you don’t want to take attention away from all the drama going on up top, keep the bottom simple and quiet. Use darker colors. Steer away that pencil skirt and skinny jeans. They are statement pieces that draw attention away from the drama at the shoulders where you want the attention to reside. Make it more classic and quiet with wider legs and defined waistlines.



Some general rules to follow are:

Darker colors on bottom/Lighter and brighter on top

Designs that draw the eye upwards

Details around the shoulders and face

Designs that widen the shoulders

Designs that lengthen the torso

Vertical lines

For More Info

If you want more detailed info on your body shape, get our free ebook Know Your Body Shape

Final Note

Above all, don’t be so bound by the ‘rules’ that you select clothes that you don’t like. Have fun. Enjoy the clothes you wear – that will generate the best impression.

Want to know YOUR body shape? Check it out at Find Your Body Shape



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